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Picassios Rarity Checker: #1000

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Meet our Series #1:

Ready for Evolution

A collection of funny and colorful characters, which reflect every one of us – digital art lovers who are ready for evolution!

Series #1

Collection: 3,333 NFTs
Unique price: ₳33

Only 3,333 NFTs will be minted for the Series #1.

2% of this collection will be reserved for community airdrops and giveaways. Follow our socials to get it!

Policy ID:


Series #1 GENETICS

The first Picassio NFT collection Series #1 has 3,333 completely unique NFTs. Colorful and funny characters will make your day once you mint your own personal Picassio with unique traits & attributes. Maybe it will be a super rare Picassio?

Sixteen different Picassio characters will have their unique faces, special traits & attributes, and several different body colors and backgrounds – that’s what will make your Picassio a special one!

The rarity matrix will be published on our Twitter and Discord – follow us for more information and community giveaways!

 ✔   Only 3,333 Unique NFTs
 ✔   16 Super Cool Unique Faces
 ✔   Lots of Fun Attributes
 ✔   Colors and Backgrounds
 ✔   Special NFTs for Giveaways


Picassio Vision

2021 Q4

✔️ Defining the vision and primary roadmap, and genetics of the project.
✔️ Launching webpage and social media channels for Picassio.
✔️ Gathering passionate community of NFT art enthusiasts.
✔️ Announcing the package of incentives for community members and constant updates of the roadmap.

Series #1 Drop

2022 January

✔️ Preparing the collection of NFT art for the first NFT drop.
✔️ NFT airdrops and giveaways for community members (2% reserved).
✔️ Launching the mint of the first NFT collection on 29 January: 3,333 NFTs for 33 ADA each.
✔️ Bounty program with 100 ADA for each certain minted Picassio NFT (5 lucky NFTs).

After-launch Updates

2022 February

Updating the Picassio webpage and ecosystem after the first drop and preparing for the second:
✔️ Verification on Marketplaces for secondary market: /
✔️ Implementation of Rarity tool on website.
✔️ Other technical updates.


CNFT Ecosystem

2022 Q2

✔️ Launching the Calendar Listing of Cardano NFT (CNFT) drops and projects under
- Announcing the Whitepaper for Picassio Native Token (purpose / utility / technology / distribution).
- Launching the Picassio Native Token with airdrop for long-term hodlers of Picassio NFTs.
- Launching the CNFT Rarity Tool website under
- Launching the CNFT Marketplace under for secondary market sales of all CNFTs.


Series #2 Drop

2022 Q2

- Preparing the collection of NFT art for the second NFT drop.
- NFT airdrops and giveaways for community members (% reserved TBA).
- Launching special incentives for community:
:: early access of Series #2 for hodlers of first collection;
:: airdrop for hodlers of special NFTs from Series #1 (Ticket winners).


Community Incentives

2022 Q3

- Buy-back of NFTs with lower price than the initial one and locking them up in the vault.
- Launching other special incentives for community members and long-term hodlers of NFTs from both collections.


Frequently Asked Questions

Minting of Picassio Series #1 will start on 29th January 2022 12:00 PM UTC (noon).

₳33 each.

There will be 2% royalty fees for every NFT sale on the secondary market.

Only send your ADA from Yoroi / Daedalus / Nami wallets. Do not send ADA from exchange wallets like Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, etc.

Everyone who holds ADA on compatible wallets can buy Picassio NFT. Be sure to buy it before someone else gets it faster than you!

You can mint 5 Picassio NFTs per one transaction. But you can make as many transactions as you want, if you have enough ADA funds. And if you are fast enough before others do that.

Go to and copy your receiving wallet address in the search field.

You will be the owner of unique Picassio NFT on Cardano blockchain. You can list this NFT on secondary market or stay with the project for longer – long-term holders will be awarded with airdrops and early access sales later.

The speed of the transaction depends on the load of the Cardano network and can take from few minutes to several hours before you receive your unique Picassio NFT.

If you transferred an incorrect amount of ADA or NFTs are already sold out, your ADA funds will be returned to you.

2% out of all 3,333 Picassio NFTs on Series #1 will be reserved for community giveaways and airdrops. Follow our Twitter and Discord to be the first to get it!

2 out of 16 different Picassio characters (faces) are reserved only for community airdrops and giveaways

Check the section GENETICS on this page to get more information on unique traits & attributes.

Check the section ROADMAP to get more information on Picassio’s future.

Go to on 29th January 12:00 UTC (Noon) and click the MINT Button. Then choose NFT quantity (up to 5), and make a transaction to the provided address. Once your ADA transaction is received - you will get your NFTs.


There’s a strong and experienced team of people behind Picassio project. We introduce you the core members of Picassio team – true enthusiasts of #blockchain technology, long-term #Cardano supporters and experienced #professionals of their field.

Vaald Picassio

Experienced IT project manager loving kiteboarding on his free time.

Eiminio Picassio

Expert in IT development flying on skis each time he has a holiday.

Eugenio Picassio

Professional of communication becoming a DJ during weekends.

Arturio Picassio

A true guru of colors and aesthetics loving to kick on his snowboard.